Welcome to the Vagbond Kettlebell Blog

The kettlebell is one of the most effective conditioning tools out there for training all-around fitness. It is literally like having a "gym in your hand".

Kettlebells enable dynamic loading of muscle groups, help generate power from the hips - which is essential for athletic performance- and help build strength and stability in the back and shoulders.

Here we will be posting schedules and workouts for the Vagabond KB specialty class along with other helpful, KB-related info.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Workout for Sunday October 28th

KettleBell "Bear" Complex

A. Turkish Get-Up Practice

     - 5 rounds of 5 reps each arm. Military press with only one foot touching the ground! Focus on engaging core and crush-gripping the KB. You will need to go light on these.

C. "Bottoms-Up"
     - 4 sets of 1-3 reps each arm of Bottoms-ups Clean and Press. Again, you will need to go light and focus on crush gripping the KB Handle.

D. Kettlebell "Bear"
     5 rounds* 7 reps of the following complex...
     Double KB Clean + Front Squat + Overhead Press + Front Squat + Overhead Press = 1 Rep!!
     * Rest as needed between rounds.
     - Choose the heaviest weight possible while going unbroken each set. If you put the KB down, you must do a 5 Burpee penalty before resuming round!