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The kettlebell is one of the most effective conditioning tools out there for training all-around fitness. It is literally like having a "gym in your hand".

Kettlebells enable dynamic loading of muscle groups, help generate power from the hips - which is essential for athletic performance- and help build strength and stability in the back and shoulders.

Here we will be posting schedules and workouts for the Vagabond KB specialty class along with other helpful, KB-related info.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Kettlebell Challenge Workout - Sunday June 29, 2014

A. Skill Work: Bottoms up Kettlebell Press (bottoms up press)
     - Work sets at very light weight

B. 3 Ascending Ladders of KB Military Press / Russian Swings
     Military Press: Sets of 1-5
     Russian Swings: Sets of 10-50
     Rest as needed between sets

First set looks like this....
     1 Press (each arm)
     10 Russian Swings

Second Set
     2 Press (each arm)
     20 Russian Swings

5th set
     5 Press (each arm)
     50 Russian Swings

Repeat this ascending ladder 2 more times!

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